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“Don’t say a word…let your image speak for itself!!”

Stylist/Creative Director/Collaborator/Creative Soul – Living life to the fullest and trying to make each day count. Zest for life, food, the arts, music, entertainment and gnarly people.

South American born, stylist extraordinaire, creative soul, lover of all things beautiful…. I graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Marketing…. a pivotal time that helped mold me into the women I am today.

From the time I was old enough; I played in my mother’s closet and with her makeup…it was dress up 24/7. The idea of dressing up made me feel special and glamorous even at a young age…fabrics enticed my brain, colours brought to life! And so it began my love affair with cloths and style. I also fancied the arts, I learned to play the violin at the tender age of 8. I embraced it with such culture and from that point on knew creativity was part of my soul.

I started in retail working as a Merchandiser with Toni Plus, quickly moving up to managing flag ship stores, Club Monaco and BCBG.  I later became the Director of Special Services for Laura Shoppe Canada. All of these experiences taught me to take a step back in time to learn the finest beauty techniques, bridging old world glamour with modern new age chic. It is my belief that everyone can look and feel great by dressing well and that how you present yourself to the world is an instrumental part of your success. I took the leap into editorial styling and marketing campaigns. Working with outstanding clients over the years has taught me valuable skills and given me the growth necessary to propel me to all new adventures. Collaborating with some of the industry’s most respected photographer’s has allowed me to create clean, elegant and precise looks and uniquely garner the ability to seamlessly cross the worlds of corporate clients, high fashion editorial and campaigns.

I bring my corky creative personality to each project..…I work as a puzzle maker, pick the right photographer, model and clothes for each aesthetic and shoot. In other occasions I’m just a piece in the production puzzle, collecting and styling the right clothes for a certain concept. Either way I love creating over the top, outside the box ideas and making them come to life.

If you want to learn more or work with me, please contact me and let’s create!!