service details

Editorial Stylist

I work as a puzzle maker, pick the right photographer, model and clothes for each aesthetic and shoot. In other occasions I’m just a piece in the production puzzle, collecting and styling the right clothes for a certain concept. Either way I love creating over the top, outside the box ideas and making them come to life.

Personal Stylist

It is my belief that everyone can look and feel great by dressing well and that how you present yourself to the world is an instrumental part of your success. As a personal stylist I work with you to transform and build an overall image and look based on your lifestyle, body type, skin tone and personality. We will build a functional and stylish wardrobe based on your individual needs.

Food Stylist

Food Styling is all about communication and knowledge of the latest trends in art and design; it’s where art and science come together…tying in all the elements that interest me!

Keynote Speaker

As a guest speaker at George Brown College; motivation and being a charismatic speaker is key to engaging and sharing with the students. Through conversation and education I’m able to capture the audience and provide them with knowledge about direction, challenges within the industry, personal appearance, self image and creating a personal style.